Hungry for the solution

You’ve probably heard about the famine striking the Horn of Africa at the moment – if you haven’t, start by reading this. It’s laughable, pathetic, and jaw dropping to think that we can have an epidemic of obesity on one side of the planet, and a famine on the other. 

Think about the last time you felt hungry, and simply went to the cupboard, and satisfied that urge. Imagine you weren’t able – and watched your children die because you couldn’t feed them. 

The head of the UN World Food Programme, Josette Sheeran, has given this fantastic talk on famine. She mentions that people are dying (1 child every 10 seconds), of a ‘disease’ that we know how to cure, a problem that we know how to solve. There are some outstanding images in this presentation that you won’t forget, and ideas that provide a sustained result that will help end hunger. 

“we have to change our mindsets…join with all of humanity, and say no more.”

If you think that the big problems can’t be solved, think again – and please, watch this. There’s also the WFP Hunger Map, here. If you have some time to kill, why not give some free rice?



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