review | heart failure

File:Idiopathic cardiomyopathy, gross pathology 20G0018 lores.jpg

Heart failure. In cardiology circles, it’s a speciality all of it’s own, because it’s not just a science – it’s an art. Titrating medications to achieve the optimum symptom management and longevity, not to mention the implantable device and CRT. The Lancet has a four part series on heart failure to help you through this intriguing area. 

It’s not just right and left or systolic and diastolic, there are a complex array of basic mechanisms at play, right down to the cellular and molecular level. The second part is the definite must read, running through the medical therapy for chronic heart failure. The third section is on ICDs and CRT, and the last bit goes through the advent of telemedicine and how outpatient management will be revolutionised. 

Fantastic series, check it out here

VIA The Lancet


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