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We’ve talked about burnout before, in relation to medical students and professionalism when JAMA had a feature article on students. Now from the same journal, there’s a study looking at quality of life scores for residents, and the impact it has financially, mentally, and even academically.

Over 16,000 residents participated in this study (about 3/4 of all residents that year), and almost 15% rated their QOL as either “as bad as it can be” or “somewhat bad”. Interestingly, burnout was less likely in international graduates compared with local (US) graduates – about a 13% difference. 

Those with burnout or lower QOL scores and more debt and lower scores on their exams, and those with large amounts of debt (more than $200,000) had significantly lower marks. 

Medicine is a fantastic career and opens a world of opportunity and allows you to actually save lives – a privilege that can come with a great cost. Make sure you all look after yourselves (you can’t go saving other lives until your own is in good shape), and importantly, before you compete too hard with those around you, look after them first. 

Don’t forget – the books you read, the hours you put in – it’s a really difficult job you’re doing, and you need to stay balanced. 

Check it out here

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