Dabigatran may increase the risk of heart attack

File:AMI scheme.png

Dabigatran was one of the saviours of modern medicine, thought to be the end of warfarin’s reign on anticoagulation, a safer option with less monitoring. Within a few short years it went from proven trial to the shelves – but the adverse events are now being revealed.

Uchino and Hernandez have released a meta-analysis that’s burning through the internet wires, in the Archives of Internal Medicine. This meta-analysis combines seven different articles, with over 30,000 patients, and found a HR of around 1.27-1.3 for coronary events.

Perhaps another randomised controlled trial will be required here to put this to bed – after all, this drug is going to be used in people who may be at cardiac risk anyway, one that doesn’t need to be compounded. Of course, further study will be required for the pharmacological mechanism as well.

Read the original article here.


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