A brand new resource hub

Architetto -- tasto 11 by Anonymous - Drawing by Francesco 'Architetto' Rollandin. From OCAL 0.18 release.

One page with the latest reviews and guidelines – interested? Read on!

When I’m learning a topic, there are three major areas I like to look at:

  1. Read a text regarding the topic. A lot of you probably know I’m a fan of regular textbooks in combination with the fantastic UpToDate, but the review articles in a lot of the top journals are also outstanding, particularly when it comes to the latest updates.
  2. Check the relevant guidelines. Therapeutic decisions are made based on what guidelines suggest, and they differ in most areas. In general, Europe, Australia, and the US have separate collections, and each have their own features. After understanding a topic at its basics, this is what to read.
  3. Do some questions. To check you know what you know, it’s always a good to revise with some questions. They are the best way to confirm your knowledge, and to update the little things you may not have known.

Between these three steps, you can get to know a lot of medicine, and so we’re going to develop a page to do that. The idea is that for each topic, we’ll provide a segment with links to good reviews from top journals, the top guidelines, and soon we’ll provide you with questions around the area. We’ll date each of these so you know how recent they are, and it saves you from having to go to each individual society or journal page to find what you’re looking for.

If you see anything particularly good, like an article that finally made a difficult topic make sense to you, please let me know, and same applies if you seen an update to what’s here.

To find it, click resources in the links list at the top right of the page. Hope you find this useful!


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