Different equations should be used to predict GFR depending on severity of disease


In medical school, we learnt the good old Cockroft Gault, but with computer systems flying around everywhere and more modern data from trials, two particular equations have come to the fore – the MDRD, and the CKD-EPI. The latter has been slowly becoming a favourite, and so this article from the Annals of Internal Medicine compared the two head to head. 

Turns out that they’re good for different things. The CKD-EPI is more reliable at the higher GFR ranges, and the MDRD more accurate at lower ranges. It’s important to know, since a) renal disease becomes more common and b) many of our therapeutic decisions are dependent on knowing the GFR (not the creatinine per se).

Nice systematic review, here.


source | Annals of Internal Medicine

image | Gray’s Anatomy, via Wikimedia Commons


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