review | stem cells


UPDATE: Have a look at this video from Nature Medicine regarding human ovarian stem cells.

Looking at those recent articles in the NEJM about the last 200 years of medicine really makes you think about what the next 200 will bring – and a whole new field may be coming in the form of regenerative medicine. Although there are centres around the world which have a focus in this area, its certainly not yet a mainstream specialty and hasn’t changed our base clinical practice…yet. So many disease and therapies could be revolutionised by this technology, despite the political and ethical quagmire that surrounds it – but how much do you know about its potential?

The Lancet always do an excellent series, and this two part job is no different. The opener looks at stem cells in the cardiac area (remember the CADUCEUS trial?), which is a prime targeted area, and the second looks at some more difficult work, including the regeneration of entire organs. A bit of a holy grail this one – replacing your entire dysfunctional organ with your own tissue, negating the organ shortage, the immunosuppression and the host of other problems.

The stuff of dreamers – but without creativity, there’s no innovation, and without innovation, we don’t progress. Throw in a bit of science with that – and well, you’ve got the future. Check it out here.

source | The Lancet

image |  codonAUG


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