Oral rivaroxaban may be a viable alternative to warfarin for PE

File:Pulmonary embolism CTPA.JPEG

For years now we’ve been hearing about these new anticoagulants, how they might do this, and could be useful for that – now we’re really starting to see the trials proving how useful they can be. Here’s one from the latest New England Journal of Medicine.

Just short of 5,000 patients here (4832 to be exact), all with PE, and the groups were given rivaroxaban OR enoxaparin + warfarin, with the primary outcome being symptomatic recurrence of VTE.

The trial proved that rivaroxaban was non-inferior, with significantly less bleeding to boot. Can’t wait to see the superiority trials – and the trials for dabigatran and apixaban are still to come.

Read it here. Oh, and there are some more articles on PE while you’re at it over at Archives of Internal Medicine, here and here.


image | Wikimedia Commons

source | New England Journal of Medicine


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