How John Cleese defines creativity, and what it means for medicine

File:John Cleese 2008 (crop to scale).jpg

A little different, but after watching this video, have a think about how this could apply to medicine.

Tips such as deferring a decision until you have to make it are important, to give your mind as much time to be creative (i.e. think of a diagnosis) as possible. He also mentions several times about having your mind in the open mode – and I think this is critical in medicine. If you’re too focused on a certain diagnosis or procedure, you can miss something glaringly obvious.

Being able to have an open mind, ask open questions, and perform a complete examination are critical tools in the arsenal of every doctor – but as Cleese says, after that initial bit, you need to then close off, which is exactly what you do in medicine as well. Once you have your list of issues, you need to have a specific plan to be able to attack each of those, because if you stay too open, nothing gets done.

He also talks about how trivial simple tasks get done before important complex ones, simply because they are easy to do. This becomes relevant all the way from a busy cover shift, where cannulas are definitely easier to do than the patient with recurrent mystery abdominal pain – but the latter comes first because you know of the potential.

Medicine isn’t just a science – it’s a creative science, and these ideas are so important in medicine.

And of course – keep a sense of humour. Check it out.

source | lifehacker

image | Paul Boxley


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