The explosion in the cloud

A while back we talked about using the cloud in medicine – and for when you’re working in a group on a presentation, or trying to write a research paper, cloud based collaborative tools are really useful. Saves the fifty emails back and forth, and it’s easy to track changes and see who suggested what. It also means you don’t have multiple copies of the same thing that you need to merge. Also, we’re all carrying several internet connected devices, like our laptop, smartphone, home desktop and tablet, and you don’t want to be sending stuff back and forth. Cloud based tools are the future – or really, the present – what are you signed up for?

Google have just released their version, but there are heaps of others. Microsoft have SkyDrive, and Dropbox, SugarSync and have all been around for ages. So how to choose? Check out this post from The Verge with a great comparison. Also, have a look at our apps page about how Dropbox is useful in medicine – but really, it applies across most cloud services.

source | the Verge

image | akakumo


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