The effects of statin on cancer

In late 2010, we mentioned an article from Gut talking about statins reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, albeit by just 8%. Now there’s a new article from the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting reduced cancer related mortality overall in those on statin therapy.

This is one of those Danish registry studies, where due to their excellent registry capabilities, they can assess the entire population. On multivariate analysis, the hazard ratios was 0.85 for statin users compared with non-statin users when it came to death from any cause and death from cancer. This effect was seen across all 13 cancer types studied, not just colorectal.

An interesting hypothesis generator, but not more than that. A randomised controlled trial is no doubt en route – but check it out here in the mean time.

source | N Engl J Med 2012; 367:1792-1802

image | Wikimedia Commons


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