review | bacterial meningitis

The headache, photophobia, and neck stiffness combination strikes fear into any doctor working in emergency departments around the world, and we all know that the clock is ticking. Lumbar puncture, antibiotics and steroids all need to occur quickly – but what’s new in the world of bacterial meningitis?

It’s not always straightforward though – do you always need a CT, or will it just delay the LP? Is the CSF typical? Do they always have the classic clinical findings? Clearly, the answer is no

In Australia, dexamethasone and ceftriaxone are standard first up – but do you know when to use benzylpenicillin or vancomycin? For that, you need to flip over to the Therapeutic Guidelines. For everything else on the diagnosis and prevention of bacterial meningitis, check out this series of articles over at the Lancet, here.


source | The Lancet

image | Wikimedia Commons



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