Atrial fibrillation as a risk factor for myocardial infarction


We all know that ischaemic heart disease is a risk factor for AF, through multiple mechanisms, however how about AF as a risk factor for having an MI?

Turns out AF doubles your risk (1.7 after adjustment for major risk factors). This association was stronger in women, and not significant in the older age group.

It’s not just strokes – AF is becoming a serious public health issue, and one we don’t know enough about. Read more at JAMA Internal Medicine.


image | Wikimedia Commons

source | JAMA Internal Medicine



No significant benefit to stenting stable angina

Cardiologists love a good stent, but it’s a procedure that carries some risk – many patients with angina are referred for angioplasty, but it’s important to realise the benefit of medical therapy – optimal medical therapy – on outcomes. This meta-analysis from the Archives of Internal Medicine looks at studies reflecting recent practice, comparing stent insertion at presentation with medical therapy.

And the benefit for stenting is not there. Death rates, non-fatal MI, revascularisation rates and persistent angina rates were equivalent between the two groups, suggesting that initial stent implantation of stable CAD is not better than medical therapy.

Read it here, and then check out the official guidelines on our resources page.


source | Archives of Internal Medicine

image | FDA