Central lines

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As a medical student, it’s exciting to learn how to put a drip in (it was for me!), and as you slowly progress forwards, you add more procedures to your toolbox. Lumbar punctures, pleural drains, ascitic taps – and finally, the mighty central line. The vast majority of intensive care patients have them, and it’s often where you practice your Seldinger technique.  Continue reading


Combat medicine

Medicine on the battlefield is entirely different to the hospital or community environment. Not only are you under constant threat, but the injuries are totally different to anything you’ve dealt with before. You’re dealing with a different set of resources and a different substrate as well, and nowadays more technology is being employed to help improve the odds.  Continue reading

Nifedipine or labetalol for hypertensive emergency in pregnancy

For acute blood pressure control in pregnancy, different hospitals often have different guidelines. Hydralazine used to be all the rage but fell out of favour after a concerning safety profile was highlighted. Intravenous labetalol is commonly used, but many also consider nifedipine first line. This double blind randomised controlled trial from India aims to settle the issue.

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