The new lipid guidelines

New guidelines for lipid management are out from the States. See them here, and check out the NEJM summary here.


image | Taryn



guideline | heart failure

When it comes to cardiology, there are three major sets of guidelines: the ones from the US (ACCF/AHA), the ones from Europe (ESC), and the ones from Australia. You’ll be pleased to know that the AHA guidelines for heart failure have just been updated! Have a look at the Executive Summary (and links to the full thing) over here.

For more, the European guidelines are here, and the nicely designed Australian guidelines are here.

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An update on cervical cancer screening

No one likes getting a Pap smear done. It can be quite daunting and frightening the first time, but we all know that early detection offers the best chance of cure. Over in the US, a joint group including the American Cancer Society have released some brand new guidelines in screening for cervical cancer.  Continue reading