review | abortion

Abortion is a hard concept, even for many doctors, both from an ethical standpoint but even from a purely medical view. It’s therefore critical for us to have an excellent grasp of the topic – and here’s a review from the BMJ.


image | Thomas Widmann

source | BMJ


review | asthma

The Lancet has often got great reviews in its Seminar series, and this month is no different. Prof. Martinez and Prof. Vercelli from Arizona have provided us with a nice summary of the old and the new when it comes to asthma, with some nice insights into severe asthma. Read it here.


source | The Lancet

image | NIAID

Doing percutaneous coronary intervention – without a surgical backup

In the early days of percutaneous intervention – stenting and so on – you’d always want to have cardiothoracics around to crack the chest in case of emergency bypass surgery. As the population gets larger, and further away from major centres, more places are doing diagnostic angiography, and some of them are starting to stent.  This month’s NEJM has a look at the safety of doing PCI without surgical backup. Continue reading

review | pulmonary embolism and deep venous thrombosis

Prof. Goldhaber from Harvard gives a review in this month’s Lancet on DVT and PE. The review touches on a few key areas in particular, including prophylaxis in hospitalised patients, advanced therapies (such as thrombolysis or embolectomy), and the use of newer drugs.

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review | silicosis

File:8.- Miner's lung with silicosis and tuberculosis.jpg

When you auscultate the chest and hear crackles consistent with pulmonary fibrosis, the first thing that should go through your mind is the differential list – which usually gets broken up into upper and lower lobe causes. Although ankylosing spondylitis, radiation, and even tuberculosis are familiar – but silicosis isn’t usually. So luckily, here’s a review from the Lancet to update you.

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